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Ones Ready

Ones Ready "Archangel" Flag

Ones Ready "Archangel" Flag

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Grab our newest flag dubbed the “Archangel"” for your gym, home, or any place you want to show some PJ love. These flags are made of a high quality fabric for both indoor and outdoor use. They feature a single sided design with 4 corner brass grommets. This flag is a 3’ x 5’ horizontal style flag that is perfect for hanging on walls and fences.


Flag Care Tips: (get creases out of your flag)

  1. Gently wash your flag in cold water using minimum detergent.

  2. Hang dry it on a taut line, or dry it on an absorbent cotton towel placed on a flat surface.

  3. Steam iron your flag or take it to a cleaner to have them iron it out.

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